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Private Label Water Program:  

Just when you thought there were no more clever, creative and affordable ways to get your name, logo, theme or message in the hands of your customers, prospects and constituents, along comes our Private Label Water Program from PDS. Go ahead, look around - how many people do you see carrying their own bottle of water. Quite a few, aren't there? Everyone today knows the health benefits of drinking more water, so consider all the creative ways you can tap this army of walking billboards







Orchid Island Juices:

Here at Pointe Dairy Services we guarantee product freshness. We are committed to delivering our customers the freshest and finest juice products available. Our commitment to you requires that we only supply the freshest squeezed juice from Natalie's Orchid Island. Once you place an order, the fruit is picked, fresh squeezed and delivered directly to you. This process is a little more expensive, but we believe that our customers are worth the investment!





My Grandma's Coffee Cakes:

My Grandma's of New England® started an industry in 1990 with their original Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake - and with good reason. These decadent, dinner-worthy cakes are made from the finest and freshest ingredients available. The moistness and flavor of the cake are unmatched. All cakes are handmade and certified Kosher under Orthodox supervision.



Sanders Cakes / Toppings

The Morley Candy Makers and Sanders Brands provide premium chocolates, confections and desserts to a diverse customer base.  With over 100 years of confectionary expertise, Morley and Sanders memories are made the old-fashioned way with original recipes.  Their products must be so good that their customers are proud to share them with their closest family and friends.  Above all, they are in the business of creating memories through traditional, wholesome experiences with confections and desserts that "taste as good as you remember".


Kenny's Key Lime Pie

® Key Lime Pie is a genuine, deep dish, premium quality Key Lime pie. It starts with our made from scratch graham cracker crust which is then filled with our tart, cool, rich and creamy filling.  From the moist homemade graham cracker crust and the freshest natural dairy products, to the juice of select Key Limes, Kenny’s® Key Lime Pies are the finest on the market.

Bindi Desserts / Gelato

Since 1946, Bindi has been recognized as a leader in frozen desserts. The success of the company is due to its renowned state-of-the-art pastries, providing the foodservice industry with an assortment of products including cakes, single portions, gelati and sorbetti, croissants and pastry cookies. Bindi products are made using only premium ingredients.


    And of course Pointe Dairy... Dairy!!!
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